I say is that a Vignale? I say is that a Ford Mondeo?

In Ford, Short Cuts by Jonathan Humphrey

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The Mondeo Vignale from Ford’s New Luxury Range

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Ford unveils the new Ford Vignale Mondeo, the first model to be introduced as part of its stylish, Vignale brand.


The Ford Vignale Mondeo is the ultimate expression of Ford’s award winning design in combination with a new way of owning a Ford.

Vignale was an Italian Coach building Company in years gone by. The business was transferred to Ford in 1973. This relaunch of the Vignale name is an exciting step forward in the renaissance of the Ford brand worldwide.

The luxury additions to this special Ford Vignale Mondeo, bring superior refinement, unique wheels, exclusive styling and craftsmanship. All cars feature the exclusive Vignale Nocciola metallic paintwork.

Inside the car tuxedo-stitched quilted leather will bring an upmarket touch along with the European debut of active noise cancelling, removing engine noise and making the cabin quieter. Improvements are also made to refine the suspension, seating and the hybrid or TDCi powertrains. All leather is hand scrutinised for blemishes and Vignale centre experts will hand polish the exterior.

After more than one-hundred additional checks, the cars will only then be ready to be handed over to customers at branded Vignale lounges, all forming a part of the premium customer experience.

In the UK, Ford Vignale Mondeo models are exclusively available to order  from FordStore locations opening now across the country. The FordStores are dedicated to the brand and offer the full range of Ford products and services, with specially-trained Vignale staff available to meet specific customer needs. Ford is initially launching 54 stores in the UK.

The range will be run by Vignale trained relationship managers, offering 24 hour customer support and arranging collection and delivery services for servicing and valeting.

The New Ford Vignale Mondeo is available to order at the new Ford Stores from May 2015 prices start at £29,045.

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