Live Brilliant Hyundai Lifestyle Advertising

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The latest Lifestyle Video Ads from Hyundai to make you appreciate the good things in Life

Hyundai-Live-Brilliant-Series-of-AdsA clever new series of ads featuring brilliant moments under the Hyundai banner Live Brilliant.

I must admit I enjoy this lifestyle car advertising. We don’t seem to need buckets loads of car images to appreciate just how good cars are today. Cars are about lifestyle, how they fit into our lives and are their to assist in making our lives more brilliant or not as the case maybe, drive safely in the hot weather!

This lifestyle advertising for Live Brilliant from Hyundai is now in it third series. Last week Hyundai brought out some clever videos of children making a real mess of a Hyundai i30 to show how well they clean up, not so sure its always that easy but the videos are a well done featuring a lucky primary school at Holmer Green in Buckinghamshire.

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