Isuzu Rodeo Daily Workhorse Review by Pot Kiln TV Chef Mike Robinson

In Isuzu by Jonathan Humphrey

TV Chef and Isuzu Brand ambassador Mike Robinson talks about using his Isuzu Rodeo.

Mike covered over 24k miles the 12 months as an Isuzu brand ambassador. He gives an insight into his daily life and how well the Isuzu Rodeo pick-up met his requirements.

The TV Chefs 3.0-litre Isuzu Rodeo Denver Max Plus pick-up is used by him as a daily workhorse. Mike estimates that more than 20 per cent of his driving is off-road. The Rodeo was also use to travel all over Britain while filming his new cookery show, Countrywise Kitchen.

Aside from his TV work, Mike owns and runs one of my favourite local haunts The Pot Kiln pub and restaurant. A place really worth a visit not far off the M4 in West Berkshire. There is also a game cookery school at the location. The pub features meat and game which are often stalked, shot or caught by Mike on a 30,000 acre estate in Berkshire.

Mike comments: “As well as cooking, for several years I’ve managed a country estate. I needed a dependable workhorse pick-up and bought my first Rodeo in 2005. It proved incredibly robust, utterly reliable and virtually unstoppable off-road, but it was also comfortable and quiet on the motorway. My second Rodeo has probably had an even tougher life, especially during the production of this latest TV series. We’ve had the pick-up in some very sticky spots and it has performed admirably. It’s as important a companion to me as my dog, my rifle and my binoculars. Without my Isuzu Rodeo, I couldn’t do my job.”

William Brown, the General Manager of Isuzu UK, added: “Mike is an exceptional brand ambassador for Isuzu and the Isuzu Rodeo, it’s exciting for us that his profile will rise as a result of his new TV series. He knows what it means to work in the country, and needs and expects his equipment to work faultlessly, whatever the conditions.”

The Isuzu Rodeo prices start at £13,995 for the 136bhp 2.5 Rodeo Single Cab 4×2, and rise to £23,495 for the five-seater, 163bhp 3.0 Denver Max LE Auto.