New LandRover UK YouTube Channel

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After getting back from my short time away over Easter, with no driving, apart from to Manchester Airport and back. I find in my inbox an interesting invitation to view the Land Rover YouTube channel and the new model Discovery 4.

A great improvement on the ‘Discos’ of the old days..although how well will they work after 10-15 years!

Always having been a fan of the Land Rover since purchasing an early Series 1 Freelander then to trade it in almost immediately for a V8 Defender 50th Anniversary. Now that was a great model apart from the incredible fuel consumption. I would dread to be paying for that in these days of high fuel prices. That Defender with its automatic transmission really felt you could go anywhere, until I ambitiously got it stuck in the woods and had to walk home with the family. The following day, finally I found to a kind farmer to help me get it out. rather than leave it till the spring as the AA suggested, it was only October!

I think these new ways of promoting vehicles such as Land Rover on YouTube are the way to go – offering a lot more interactivity than a standard car brochure. Dear Land Rover if you fancy me blogging about the New Discovery 4, I would love to have one for the weekend, but I can’t afford to buy one! Yet…

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