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Lexus UX 250h, the urban explorer’s SUV

In Car Reviews, Lexus by Maggie Barry

A brand well-known for luxury finishes have just entered the compact SUV market with the beautifully crafted Lexus UX 250h. At the same time, Lexus boss Ewan Shepherd has confirmed that this new compact crossover will arrive in the UK purely in hybrid form. It is yet another sign, if any were needed, that we are moving into a new […]

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Lexus LC500 Sport a true GT not to be ignored

In Car Reviews, Lexus by Jonathan Humphrey

For many months I have wanted to drive the Lexus LC500, the one with the tantalising ads in between Scandi dramas and shows I have watched throughout the year. With a space-age look of difference, abundance of style, comfort and scintillating performance tick all the boxes. On TV it just looked so good, I had to get to drive it. Jonathan Humphrey spends some quality time in the striking flagship Lexus Coupé, the one with a naturally aspirated V8…READ MORE

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The Futuristic Lexus RX 450h reviewed

In Car Reviews, Lexus by Tom Scanlan

“Wow!” Said the small boy, “Is that a spaceship?” “Not really,” I replied with a smile, “it’s a Lexus!” In more detail, a Lexus RX450h. The little ‘h’ on the end being the magic clue revealing that the car was a full hybrid…

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New Flamboyant Lexus NX crossover by

In Lexus, Short Cuts by Jonathan Humphrey

The Lexus NX as created by the musician, innovator and global entrepreneur The car was revealed at an exclusive launch party in Paris. The vibrant Grammy award-winning artist presented his vision for Lexus’s first luxury compact crossover. He then performed a DJ set for invited guests from across Europe.   The car features a special matt pearl paint finish and […]

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Get a Grip – New LEXUS NX 300h intelligent AWD

In Lexus, Short Cuts by Neil Lyndon

Short Cuts - Toyota may not often knock off many socks with the brilliant originality of their cars’ designs; but that mega-corporation’s engineers regularly come up with inventions that raise the bar on the entire automotive world. They’ve just done it again with E-Four – a lightweight, intelligent, all-wheel drive system that provides extra grip at the very instant and in the [...]
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Luxury as Standard Lexus IS 300h Executive Edition

In Featured Articles, Lexus by Jonathan Humphrey

Lexus adds the IS300h Executive Edition to the efficient hybrid range Now a high value proposition with £3390 no cost extras.   The car is already makes a keen cost effective choice with low tax and running costs delivered by its highly efficient and refined hybrid powertrain. In addition to the wealth of equipment, comfort and styling features provided by the existing Luxury […]

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Lexus RC F Goodwood Supercar Treat

In Lexus by Jonathan Humphrey

The first UK appearance of the Lexus RC F will be made at the Goodwood FOS The extreme high-performance coupé that has been creating a stir around the world’s motor shows. The Lexus LFA will also be at the FOS attacking the infamous Goodwood hill as one of the supercar competitors. The car is being launched at the end of the year. Powering the RC […]

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The Lexus RC F European Debut

In Featured Articles, Lexus, Speed, Sports Cars, Supercars by Jonathan Humphrey

First appearance in Europe of the RC F, the most powerful V8 performance car from Lexus ever, at the Geneva Motor Show   Along with the European debut of the new RC coupé F Sport with exclusive design features and dynamic upgrades. A world premiere will be made of the Lexus RC F GT3 concept, further proof of Lexus’s intention to […]

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Lexus IS 300h F Sport Review

In Car Reviews, Featured Articles, Lexus, Style by Jonathan Humphrey

I was really looking forward to driving this car, huge billboards across London, there is something new and exciting about this Sharp Looking Lexus. Hybrid is gaining popularity, the differences in the cars though, is tremendous. Some can be very good, others are getting better and some it seem are really getting it right. This car is well priced, targeted […]