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Drive on Pinterest with the Cars I Love

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I am very keen to get you into Pinterest since they’ve just launched in the UK.

We have been using Pinterest to present the Cars I Love with Drive. Maybe you’ve heard about Pinterest, but for anyone who hasn’t, Pinterest is a great tool for collecting, searching, organizing and presenting the things you love. It is also a great thing to find the best imagery especially when it comes to driving cars.

A different visual kind of social network, very popular throughout the US. On Pinterest you can “pin” things from around the web onto boards you create, on any topic you’d like. Naturally, I pin about cars: I have quite a few boards but one is devoted to the cars I love. At Drive a lot of cars are driven thoughout the year and I always find favourites and ones I really enjoy. This is what the board looks like Click Here to see it on Pinterest. There are millions of boards on Pinterest, you can always find something to look at.

The Pinterest Board for Drive of 10 Second Car Videos

We also have a board featuring all our 10 Second Cars Videos, short videos showing new cars in just 10 seconds.

Pins are great, they enable you to create a page and share quickly what you have liked. The pins go right back and are linked to the source pages on Drive.

I find Pinterest really useful for keeping my site up-to-date adding a level of uniqueness to it and more. Follow me with the Cars I Love, or if you don’t have an account yet, start pinning by using this registration link!

If you would like to join Drive on Pinterest Click This Link

Another example of someone using Pinterest is the Average Joes Blog Check out Average Joe on Pinterest Here

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