Exclusive Bluebird Cufflinks for Bluebirds Land Speed Record Breaking Centenary

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GTO Creates Exclusive Bluebird Cufflinks to mark Bluebirds Centenary

  • Limited-edition, hand-crafted Bluebird cufflinks mark 100 years of Campbell’s Bluebird
  • Gents’ Limited Edition Bluebird Wallet coming soon

In celebration of the 100 years since Sir Malcolm Campbell first named a car Bluebird – at Brooklands, in 1911 – GTO London is creating a range of strictly limited-edition gents’ accessories.

Bluebird Centenary Gifts

Just 100 pairs of hand-crafted Bluebird cufflinks will be available, replicating the iconic wheel design of the 1920s Bluebird land speed record-setting car. Each will be formed from hallmarked sterling silver, finished with Iolite stones in the clasp and wheel centres.

GTO London founder, Victoria Lyon, said of the new range: “Bluebird is an automotive icon and a triumph of design and engineering. Marking the centenary of the name with beautifully-designed and precisely-engineered cufflinks was a natural thing to do. They are a perfect extension to our accessories range and add diversity to our core products.”

All GTO London Bluebird Centenary pieces have been developed with the Campbell family and carry their official approval, as part of their wider centenary celebrations of the Bluebird legend.

Don Wales, grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell said: “The Campbell family is encouraged to see genuine Bluebird metals being used is such a creative and beautiful way. These GTO London centenary items are a delight and we look forward to seeing more as celebrations progress.”

GTO London will add to the Bluebird Centenary range with a specially-created Bluebird wallet.

Alongside GTO offer a range of gents Ferrari accessories are all hand-crafted, including cufflinks, tie pins, key fobs, money clips and wallets.

GTO London’s strictly limited- edition Bluebird Centenary cufflinks are available now, priced £450.00. The wider GTO London range is priced from £60.00. For more information and to buy, call +44 (0) 118 940 4430, or Visit


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