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We all knew Ford eventually would join the Electric Car rush and now with the Mach-E and with many more EVs to come, Ford is one to keep an eye on

Car Reviewed: The Mustang Mach-E AWD 1 Speed Auto

What could have been more creative than taking the Mustang brand to more users by building a rather clever electric SUV and re-working the Mustang brand for a younger audience? The TV ad reflects this.

What could have been more creative than taking the Mustang brand to more users by building a rather clever electric SUV and re-working the Mustang brand for a younger audience? The TV ad reflects this.

Spending time in the Mustang Mach-E is a pretty enjoyable experience; yes, Mustang purists will say don’t be ridiculous; Ford has really messed up adding the pony badge to this car, but give them time to come round.

There is a futuristic feel to the Mach-E, the electric doors opening, to reveal a full-size iPad style dash with all the connectivity, heating, safety systems, easy to use in a concise, straightforward way.

From the driver’s seat, the bonnet bulges nod back to Mustangs of old. The car overall has a solidity to it. It feels very well built and designed, to fuse the Mustang buyer’s old and new into fans of the brand. Checking my Twitter feed from years ago, I always said “the best Mustang we haven’t seen yet and it will be electric”.

The model on test was the Mach-E with an extended range with not too shabby electric power of 351PS combined with a massive torque of 580Nm. Just prod the accelerator in this car and it takes off pony style like only electric cars can, no fuss, just blasting forward, using the three drive modes with a choice of whisper, active and Untamed, switch into the latter and the experience with the added propulsion sound is even more effective.

This is a Mustang have built for people to want and I think they have made it just right; initially, it was teased to us as a Mustang SUV, but it’s really more like a pumped-up saloon with a Sportback. Sitting in it brings you a slight command driving position, but not high up like an SUV. It has a more lowdown feeling like sitting in its belly; despite the weight, it’s pretty quick on A or B roads, and historically, all Mustangs are slightly on the big side.

This Mach-E version was priced at £58,180, as usual with press cars; it was loaded with almost every option available and scanning the list, I could not spot any further choice that could have improved the spec.

It is a good size family car, with sporting aspirations, it’s pretty roomy front and back, luggage space is adequate with a frunk and rear boot, although the frunk is used chiefly for cables, with a bit more space available.

One thing, the charging of the Mach-E really only allows charging to 80% to allow charges to 90% you have to use the Ford Mach-e App. To charge to the maximum 335-mile range, which long-term isn’t best for the car’s battery longevity, you probably would only do occasionally. I felt the range, however, was pretty respectable. The trips in the areas I drove, with a quick stop at Winchester services on the 150Kw chargers, gave a quick top-up from about 80 miles to 230 in just 39 minutes. Which passed very quickly with two very interesting Ford transporter drivers offering their views.

All in all an exciting addition to the EV market, this car has it all, and for now, the Mach-E could not be any better…. perhaps the Mach-E GT.

Author Rating 4.6/5

Car reviewed: Mustang Mach-E AWD

on the road price as tested £40,350

  • 0-62mph 5.1secs
  • Top speed 112mph
  • Motor 88kWh battery Dual electric motors
  • Dimensions MM 4713 L / 1624 H / 2097 W
  • Max Power 351PS
  • Torque 580Nm
  • Range 273miles
  • CO2 emissions Zero
  • Transmission 1-speed automatic AWD
  • Bootspace 519 / 1420 1itres (seats folded)

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