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Soon we will be adding a lot of humour related to all the fun of motoring and driving around the world, there is some great stuff out there, feel free to get in touch to contribute. Hope fully the jokes won’t be as bad as this  – What do you call a country where everyone drives pink cars? A pink …

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Boy 5 goes for a Drive

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Must admit I did find this story quite fun, a little boy in Sussex taking a joyride. They were discussing it on Jeremy Vine while I was on the M25 today. I am glad he wasn’t hurt. Tell me who didn’t fancy trying that when they were 5? This isn’t a picture of him – it is my son at …

Welcome to the drive.co.uk site

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So here I am sitting on the train – going to London for the evening. Taking a moment to keep my hands free from driving to write my first blog welcoming you. Drive.co.uk is a new site bringing you news, views and opinions on all aspects of driving in the UK. We will try and publish interesting articles about driving …