VW Camper Van Tent – Party On

In Shopping by Jonathan Humphrey

The VW CamperVan Tent As those warm summer days and festivals move closer, Firebox have announced a Über Cool addition to their range of products…

After trying to become enthusiastic about camping with my children perhaps this is the best thing to have for you children while you inhabit the VW California and let them get on with it. Bound to Set to set a trend the new Peppermint Green VW Camper Van Tent will be the one to have at festivals this summer. Check it out.  A row of them camped out would look pretty cool.

VW Camper Van Tent for the Festival this summer

Firebox presented the VW Camper Van Tent last year with great success. 120K “Likes” on Facebook not bad.

The ‘tent that think’s it’s a camper van, simply a brilliant idea”.

Retro VW Camper Van Tent

An Official lIcensed product the four-man tent is a luxe, full-size replica of the legendary 1965 VW Camper. Synonymous with hippies, surfers and cooler types all over the globe. The tent is large enough for campers to party in, incredibly strong and weather proof with street appeal.

Ben Redhead at Firebox said, “We have high hopes for the VW Camper Van Tent for 2012 as, despite not yet seeing a festival season, this retro-warrior was consistently one of our best-sellers for 2011. We expect the latest, perfectly-on-trend, Peppermint Green version to also be a hit and join its colourful companions across festivals and campsites this summer.”

Check it out on Firebox Now Snooze or lose… when’s the purple one available.