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Many of us desire a supercar, the need for speed, an open road, a big engine and the rapid acceleration that only a true performance car can bring.

Over the years, supercars have evolved onto the radical offerings on the market today. Their purpose remains the same, but with rapid advances in technology, new materials, lighter composites, hybrid engines, hypercars is becoming the term used for the most exciting of the current breeds from Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche…

Stoneacre Specialist Cars are one of the dealers in such cars they have created this infographic presenting the advances from supercars manufacturers over the years against their now modern contemporaries.

The phenomenal increase in performance, now with power outputs of over 700hp, acceleration, 0-62mh in under 3 seconds, and top speeds of over 200mph the supercars are now reaching, surely the top end of what is sensible and achievable. Supercars and now becoming Hypercars. Prices have now hit levels never dreamt of with the £1.9million Bugatti Veyron still leading the charge and the Lamborghini Aventador starting at £315k and more on the way.

Stoneacre specialist cars know their business when it comes to these cars. Prestige cars are their forte. Stocking some of the finest examples of the best marques.

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