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Another Suzuki 4×4 Worth Looking at the All-New Swift 4×4

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Suzuki Swift 4×4 Launches this month

Suzuki has a very strong following of its 4WD models, following sales success in Japan as well as several European Countries the 4×4 Swift is being launched here. Available with a 1.2 litre petrol engine and five doors. The car is available in the SZ3 or SZ4 grades. The fully automatic and permanent 4wd transmission makes the car just 65kg heavier than the 2wd model. With CO2 emissions of just 126g/km and available VAT free till the end of September.


Swift 4×4 will be available as a five door 1.2 petrol model with manual transmission and equipped as either an SZ3 or SZ4 grade.

Apart from 4×4 badging and a slightly increased body ride height of 25mm the SZ3 grade appears identical to an equivalent SZ3 five door. The SZ4 model has a more rugged appearance and offers extra protection over rough ground by adding front and rear skid plates, black wheel arch extensions and black side skirts.

This new model has a proven and simple fully automatic and permanent 4-wheel drive system which transfers additional torque to the rear wheels when required via a viscous coupling, further enhancing the already highly acclaimed cornering ability of the Swift.

It is also an ideal choice for customers living in rural areas needing additional mobility or for crossing slippery surfaces during winter without owning a larger and more conventional SUV sized vehicle.


Thanks to the use of small and lightweight components Swift 4×4 is just 65kg heavier than an equivalent 2WD petrol model and emissions are only 10g/km higher at 126g/km.

Included in Suzuki’s recently extended VAT free offers, the 4WD Swift is priced at £11,516 for SZ3 and £13,116 for the higher specified SZ4 model which now includes power folding door mirrors with integral indicators and Daylight Running Lamps as standard equipment.

Suzuki are a favourite of Drive and this Swift 4×4 makes a sure footed choice for the UK’s roads.

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