Toyota i-Road Personal Mobility Vehicle

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Get mobile in a personal kind of way i-ROAD

A new style of vehicle is making its debut at the Geneva motor show a compact three wheeled PMV. Incorporating the comfort of an enclosed two seat cabin.

No more difficult to manoevre than a motorcycle, the vehicles will incorporate ‘active lean’ technology which auto balances  the i-ROAD when cornering or going over stepped or rougher surfaces.

The range for the EV powertrain is 30 miles with re-charging taking just three hours.

10 Second Car Video – Toyota I-Road View in HD and Full Screen


The vehicle is safer than a motorcycles and does not require a crash helmet to be used. It is the latest in Toyota’s 40 years of research to develop vehicles that are less of a burden on the environment and use less energy. The i-ROAD takes Toyota one step closed to the the goal of building the ultimate range of eco-cars.


More car like interior for the Toyota i-ROAD


There are some similarities to the Renault Twizy but with three wheels and a the choice of an open or enclosed cabin with the enjoyment similar to riding a two-wheeler. The design allows a more car like lockable, interior offering the opportunities for lighting, heating, audio and Bluetooth. Is this the ideal urban vehicle?

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