Ultimate 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Makes a bigger splash

In Toyota by Jonathan Humphrey

Announcing the latest 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser V8, the ultimate 4×4 with unmistakeable presence and one of my all time favourites. The latest model positioned as the ‘Ultimate’ features pretty much everything. The legendary formidable construction now with a sharper look, more of today, more comfort and advanced technologies for exceptional off road performance. The New Toyota Land Cruiser will be available in March. The UK specs are still to be announced. The list of items offered for the awesome new model include a heated steering wheel, front seats with cooling and heating functions, a cooled box in the centre console, a powered upper tailgate section, bi-xenon headlamps and a 200V power outlet in the luggage compartment.


Externally the vehicles have changed with an oversized bumper and integrated foglights and a new distinctive grille. The front section is sharply trimmed to aid approach angles for off road work. Headlights now incorporate LED daytime running light and High Intensity bi-xenon high and  low beams. Sides of the vehicle incorporate thick new side protection mouldings with chrome. New mirrors and LED indicators. Side view cameras are available to link to the new Multi Terrain Monitor system. To finish the looks new 20 inch alloy wheels.

One the inside, the look is of overall quality with vastly improved comfort better ergonomics and functionality. The interior is lighter matched with high gloss wood grained elements and bright silver additions throughout the cabin. The dashboard features extensive changes and a new audio panel.

The perforated leather front seats are heated but also now feature a cool air function and memory setting. Another new addition are active head restraints to minimise whiplash injury.

The V8 engine is now an up-rated 4.5 Litre Turbodiesel with 4461cc, emissions comply with Euro 5 standards. The enigine produces 286bhp (200kW) at 3600rpm with maximum torque of 650Nm available between 1600 and 2800 rpm. The engine features a DPF diesel particulate filter, this has enabled the main exhaust silencer to be reduced in size and weight, aiding fuel consumption, noise and vibration. Overall noise and vibration have been reduced in a series of measures throughout the vehicle.

Offroad ability is as can be imagined. The New 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 features  a ‘world first’ Turn Assist working in tandem with the V8’s crawl function, plus Multi-terrain Select (MTS), Multi-terrain Monitor and Tyre Angle Display.

Crawl Control with world-first Turn Assist

Crawl Control can be used in the Toyota Land Cruiser V8 when the vehicle transmission is in L4 and speed is below 15mph (25km/h) – on its own or in conjunction with the MTS. It enalbles the driver to make a slower, more controlled descent or climb on steep slopes, or help free the vehicle should it become stranded.

The system has been developed so that it now offers a choice of five vehicle speed settings. An independent, switchable Turn Assist function has been added to Crawl Control, which can help drivers execute very tight turns without having to reverse mid-bend. Operating at speeds below 6mph (10km/h), it reacts to the driver’s steering inputs, braking the rear wheel on the same side of the vehicle as the direction of turn. The wheel braking force automatically increases with the steering angle, reducing the vehicle’s turning radius.

Multi-terrain Select

The Multi-terrain Select (MTS) automatically modifies the throttle, braking and traction control to suit off-road conditions and deliver the best possible traction and vehicle control.

MTS offers a choice of five terrain modes: Mud and Sand; Loose Rock; Mogul; Rock; and Dirt and Rock. The new Multi-terrain Monitor automatically displays a view of the vehicle’s immediate surroundings on the multi-information screen.

In any of the five modes, the centre and rear differentials can be locked to gain maximum traction.

Multi-terrain Monitor

The Multi-terrain Monitor works in conjunction with the MTS, displaying images from four external cameras on the multi-information screen. It gives a comprehensive view of the area immediately around the vehicle when driving off-road (forward or reverse), helping the driver spot and avoid hazards that might otherwise be obscured.

The cameras are positioned front and rear and on the left and right door mirrors. The display can be adjusted to show single or combined front and/or side views. When the shift lever is moved to reverse, the display automatically switches to the rear view.

The front camera uses a wide angle lens to show the widest possible forward view, bringing blind spots such as the area immediately in front of the bonnet into sight.

The monitor also shows additional front and side view information, including the view range of the cameras and the location of obstacles detected by the clearance sonar.

The display also shows the front and rear tyre contact points; guidelines indicating the predicted path of the front tyres; and parallel vehicle width and length lines to help the driver judge distances and avoid obstacles.

Tyre Angle Display

The 2012 Land Cruiser V8 is equipped with a new Tyre Angle Display, which complements the predicted tyre path guidelines presented on the Multi-terrain Monitor. The system can be launched via the multi-information switch when MTS is activated. Guidelines linked to the steering angle are projected in real time on the display; moving through seven steps, they show the driver changes in steering angle between zero and 45 degrees.

Variable Flow Control power steering

The highly durable hydraulic power steering gains a new Variable Flow Control, which provides direct response and feel when travelling at cruising speed, and easy operation when manoeuvring at parking speeds.

A unique, dedicated off-road setting delivers a constant level of steering assistance, helping the driver accurately assess the level of tyre grip in all conditions.

Toyota Touch Pro

Land Cruiser V8 will adopt Toyota Touch Pro, the most sophisticated version of Toyota’s new multimedia and navigation system.

Toyota Touch Pro uses a high-resolution, eight-inch touch screen interface with a home screen display showing the most relevant navigation, audio and air conditioning information.

With a choice of 20 menu and guidance languages, it provides pan-European navigation, plus a range of advanced features including automatic map zoom at intersections, 3D city modelling and landmark graphics, and an on-line points of interest search function.

Using a compatible mobile phone and the on-board Bluetooth, Toyota Touch Pro enables connection to Google Local Search, the world’s largest and most up-to-date search database.

Using Google Maps, route destinations can be input remotely from home or office. Points of interest can also be downloaded for entry as destination.

The system incorporates a double tuner DAB/DAB+/DMB digital radio, making it compatible with the advanced TPEG (Transport Protocol Expert Group) traffic information system, which has a much greater information capacity than the TMC-RDS analogue system.

Toyota Touch Pro can also read DVD audio and video files.

The pin-point accuracy of the system enables better routing and can supplement a basic traffic event and flow service with information about parking availability and fuel prices in the surrounding area, together with details of speed limits and weather forecasts.

Using voice recognition, Toyota Touch Pro allows the driver to use a single command to input a full destination, make a phone call, or pick a specific track from a connected digital music player.

It also provides access to text messages and emails and includes a ‘text-to-speech’ message read-out facility.

The package is completed by a rear-view camera with dynamic guidelines for easier, safer manoeuvres in confined spaces.

Toyota Touch Pro can be combined with a 14-speaker JBL premium sound system with GreenEdge energy efficiency technology that reduces power usage by up to 80 per cent compared to conventional audio units.

New premium specifications

The Land Cruiser V8’s higher quality feel is supported by a higher level of premium equipment features and options.