Blockbuster War horse races Prince Henry across Dartmoor

In Vauxhall by Jonathan Humphrey

Featured vehicles in the Blockbuster ‘War horse’ movie- the 1911 Vauxhall C-Type named ‘Prince Henry’ and the 1918 Vauxhall D-Type army staff car. The exciting race on Dartmoor features Prince Henry race against the war horse.

Denis Chick Vauxhall Communications director said: “Steven Spielberg loved the C-Type Prince Henry but due to its non-conventional controls, an expert was on hand to drive on set to master the centre-mounted throttle and outside gear changes. Mechanics were also around 24/7 to ensure the car was always operational so that valuable filming time was not lost. It’s great that these two cars from Vauxhall’s own museum, representing the company’s rich automotive heritage, are starring alongside such notable actors.”

Prince Henry Racing the War Horse on Dartmoor

The Vauxhall C-Type often considered Britains first sports car, named after Prince Henry of Prussia an early sponsor of car trials. The car was sold from 1911-1914. The D-type staff car is development of the C-type. Over 20k were built for the war effort for a cost of £500 per vehicle. The staff cars were in service in many countries including Egypt and Salonika. Ater the 1918 Armistice the D-type staff car was the first vehicle to cross the Rhine into Germany.

Photo of The 1911 Vauxhall C-Type 'Prince Henry' featured in the movie War Horse

Vehicles have been made at Vauxhall motors non-stop since 1903. The Luton plant saw the D-type Army staff cars being had built. Later in the WWII Vauxhall designed and built the Churchill Tank, Jerry Cans, Steel helmets and the Queen Mary Aircraft Trailer.

Photo of the 1818 Vauxhall Type-D Army Staff Car featured in the Spielberg Movie War Horse

The Movie War Horse taken from a Michael Morpurgo book of the same name can be seen from 13th January Watch the Trailer Here