The Ultimate EV Tyre – The New Conti.eContact

In Tyres by Jonathan Humphrey

Now with an estimated 2.8m EV’s already on the roads throughout the world. Tyres become an all important choice, the requirements are low rolling resistance and quieter tyres. Continental have just release the ultimate EV Tyre the Conti.eContact an ultimate tyre for electric vehicles a market that Continental is aiming to lead. The tyres denote the BLUECO logo which is aiming to position them for innovative technologies targeted at electric vehicles.

Ultimate EV Tyre new Conti.eContact

The new Conti.eContact tyres have a larger outer diameter than a traditonal tyre, using this concept makes a tyre with less rolling resistance and a more flexible sidewall which ensures less energy loss when deflecting or rebounding. The engineers had to ensure the tyres ability with wet braking and optimised the tread depth with a flat contour and smooth off shoulder design. This ultimate EV Tyre will be released as a niche product as the market grows in the UK, hopefully this year the EV infrastructure will improve, further government incentives will be offered and manufacturers will offer lower vehicles prices.

NEW YEAR RESOLUTION NO 1 – Drive an Electric Car, go for a test drive, test the future.