Volkswagen Amarok Manliest Motor Award

In Volkswagen by Jonathan Humphrey

Now we have a winner Volkswagen Amarok Manliest Motor Award. The testosterone packed Volkswagen Amarok has now been crowned the ‘Manliest’ Motor in Zoo Magazines 2011 Motoring Awards, obviously people carriers don’t cut it anymore in certain circles. What Van? previously named it the Best Pick Up of the year, I must have gone wrong in my choice of vehicles somewhere but thanks for sticking with me darling.


The VW Amarok since its launch last year has proven highly popular in the UK Volkswagen Van Centres. Other acclaimed achievements have been Best Pick Up in the British Insurance Securty Awards and being a support vehicle in the current Dakar Rally, now held somewhere in South America.

Bold comments made by Zoo magazine were: ‘The Amarok packs so much testosterone, other cars melt in its presence.  It’s that manly, the brute can carry a tonne in the rear loading area, can tow over two tonnes and tackle angles up to a 45 degrees.’

Strong and brutishly powerful, the Volkswagen Amarok uses VWs latest 2.0-litre common rail diesel engine. The vehicle offers cutting edge levels of refinement and efficiency to the pick-up market. The engine although small in comparison to some is just as powerful and more efficient than rivals. The truck also offers some of the lowest CO2 emissions and the first to duck under the 200 g/km threshold.

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