Tyre Safe, Pump Up Your Tyres increase safety and Save 3% on Fuel Pump Prices

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A leading UK tyre safety organisation Tyre Safe is sending out a reminder, correctly inflated tyres increase a car’s fuel efficiency as well as providing maximum safety and prolonging tyre life.

While the punished UK motorist is now paying mid blowing prices for our fuel, there are a few measures that can help your fuel consumption. Tyre Safe shows that apart from improved safety  and reducing the risk of a dangerous blowout, correctly inflated tyres provide lower running costs. The reason is simple. The  rolling resistance of an under-inflated tyre increases so more energy is needed to make it turn.

Calculations from one Tyre Safe member have shown that when tyres are under-inflated by just 20 per cent (around 6psi), 3 per cent more fuel can be used and wasted. It has been estimated in the UK alone,  as much as £337 million of fuel is wasted from under-inflated tyres.

Tyre Safe also adds that correct wheel alignment can also help reduce fuel bills further. Scrubbing action with the road surface will be minimised, further improving fuel efficiency and reducing tyre wear and costs.

Correct pressures for your car are easily found in your handbook, inside the fuel filler cap or on a plate on the drvier’s door sill. Tyre Safe has also developed a free iPhone app.

For more information about tyre safety visit Tyresafe

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