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Le Mans 2016 with Michelin

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Watch this | Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger from the Arch Team spend some time checking out another side of Le Mans. Not just on the track, but in the background scores of people show their passion, enthusiasm and intensity for the event. Pit crew, support crew, commentators, photographers, individuals, journalists, car enthusiasts all work together to make Le Mans …

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Snowkhana 3, Yuletide Favourites from Ford

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YuleTube Highlights Snowkhana 3 The latest video in the snowkhana series. Here are some of the facts, the director’s nieces owned many of the toys used in the video. Snowkhana is now becoming something of an annual Christmas tradition. Santa is the only character has now appeared in all three including his reindeer. The video took about five long nights to complete. Necessary …

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An Ultimate Challenge Volvo FH Truck VS Koenigsegg One:1

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Tiff Needell takes on the challenge, piloting a Volvo FH against the mightiest of Supercars. A thrilling fight to win a race test to show the new gearbox I-Shift Dual Clutch in the Volvo Truck. The new set-up is based on sports car technology.  Tiff Needell had never driven a truck before, first he takes the Volvo FH out for a some test laps. …

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And the World Stood Still – Fantastic Car, Fantastic Film

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One of the most spectacular films for a new car The Rolls-Royce Wraith Launch Film. The large scale production has been awarded a Gold Award at the 26th International Visual Communications Association (IVCA) Awards. Entitled ‘And the World Stood Still’,  the film introduces Wraith as the most powerful and technologically-advanced Rolls-Royce in history. It was filmed at a secret location …

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Watch the ‘Be the First to Work Video’ Hilarious

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Win a VIP Experience at Le Mans Click to Enter Here | Porsche is returning to the 24 hours race this year after an absence of many years   A memorable and exciting Audi and Porsche battle is highly likely. Audi have an unbroken record of 12 wins in its last 14 races at Le Mans. This viral video brings the opportunity to win a VIP Porsche …

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SEAT LEON Dramatic Twist in Dockside Car Chase

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SEAT have just released a video with one of the most ambitious stunts ever by a car company. The Amazing Dockside Car Chase SEAT stunt dupes participants in a dramatic fashion SEAT Cupra fans are invited to experience state-of-the-art ‘extreme simulator’… …then watch the dramatic chase begin Recent SEAT Posts Recent Posts Recent Car Image Galleries

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Just back from Ford @ Bafta, but no Sienna Miller

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The Need for Speed, All New Ford Mustang

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School Run Stress

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The School Run, Never Fun, it’s nearly that time of day for parents everywhere Every day parents stress levels hit max, rushing backwards and forwards to schools all over the UK. Small car parks, anxious lollipop persons, everyone in a rush. School runs, never fun, collecting fed up, tired children, bored teenagers, hungry offspring, What about me?. Allianz have made …

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The Most Epic Volvo Video yet with Jean-Claude Van Damme

In Videos, Volvo by Jonathan Humphrey

Worth a watch, Volvo Trucks has released its boldest Film in the series featuring the most spectacular stunts. This one the Grand Finale is called ‘The Epic Split’ During this year Volvo Trucks has invited some extraordinary guests to prove the quality of its trucks. Faith Dickey World Champion slackliner, Charlie the hamster and now for the season finale Jean-Claude …