Volvo Bull Run ‘The Chase’

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Another in the Spectacular Volvo Trucks series of videos and the best one so far

Volvo Trucks latest spectacle was set in the narrow streets of Ciudad Rodrigo, the original city of the bull run in NW Spain dating back to 1417. The whole town was involved including the Mayor. The driver Rob Hunt was taken from some major Hollywood productions, the Volvo FL distribution truck was the star and an Oscar nominated film director Henry Alex Rubin with his 250 strong crew, 28 cameras and an octocopter caught the action.

Shot in the closed off streets of the town, the truck is chased by several tonnes of the finest bulls and  features the traditional bull runners trying to catch the truck and jumping to safety from the charging bulls. The truck had to maintain a speed of 30 kph to keep clear of the animals avoiding the buildings on the twisty route.

“Having bulls chase the truck through twisting alleys meant the new Volvo FL really had to prove itself. And it did,” said Lars Terling, Vice President Marketing Communications, Volvo Trucks.

Volvo FL Distribution Truck in the Chase

“The biggest risk was that we were in a town. It was live and we had to make sure that it was safe for both people and animals. With the big rear mirrors I had a good view of the bulls and the bull runners behind me so I could keep a good safe distance,” said Rob Hunt the driver.

We understand the bulls have now been retired to a farm near Guadalajara to enjoy the peace.

The video was to show the agility and maveuverability of the Volvo FL Distribution truck. As can be seen the 12 ton truck is ideal for a demanding environment.

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