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The Lexus RX 450h F Sport | Reviewed

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Lexus by Tom Scanlan

What a comfortable week, driving the Lexus RX 450h F Sport The F Sport’s Active Stabiliser works well, giving a nice ride. However, let’s begin with the Lexus’ Atkinson Cycle, lovely 6-cylinder, 3456 cc petrol engine. This is, for anyone who has not studied the history of the ICE (internal combustion engine, as opposed to the new-fangled electric device), a nearly-140-years-old …

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All-New DS 9 E-Tense First Drive

In Car Reviews, DS Automobiles, Hybrid by Tim Barnes-Clay

At first glance, the All-New DS 9 shows off cool rather than conservative characteristics.  This sizeable, stylish car isn’t all about the 0-62mph sprint; the saloon is far more in its element being a cruiser. But it can still push you back into your seat stunningly, with the plugin hybrid E-Tense version of the DS 9 managing zero to 62mph …

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Škoda Octavia vRS iV Hatch – Electrifying

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Skoda by Maggie Barry

You know you’ve got a very special car under your hands when you watch the young man in the boy racer car eyeing up your wheels – rubber necking even That means not only do you have the performance bit from the first three letters, but the iV hatch identifies this vehicle as one of Škoda’s electrified models – a …

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New Ford Kuga PHEV (2020-) Review

In Car Reviews, Electric cars, Ford, Hybrid by Tim Barnes-Clay

The All-New Ford Kuga arrives looking even more like the Focus than, well, the Focus… The Kuga is the blue oval’s most popular SUV in Europe, and the latest model is one of Ford’s most electrified cars to date. The all-new version of the popular SUV comes with a range of powertrains, but it’s the Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) in ST-Line …

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Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid Reviewed

In Car Reviews, Electric, Ford, Hybrid by Tim Barnes-Clay

When is a Transit not a Transit? When it’s a Custom Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV). With its neat looks on the outside, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Transit PHEV is all mouth and no trousers. Well, it’s quite the opposite.  The Transit PHEV is a no-nonsense mode of transport, and space and practicality are the reasons the Transit …

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Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Reviewed

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Toyota by Tom Scanlan

The Toyota Corolla: a car designed at Toyota’s Belgian HQ, built in Derbyshire and powered by engines assembled in north Wales This last comment is in no way decrying the Corolla, which offers, for £27,890 in the test car’s case, serious competition to its rivals in this price bracket. Compared with the previous generation Corolla, this one is 60% more …

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The Škoda Octavia iV SE L Hatch is…

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Skoda by Neil Lyndon

One word sums up the new Škoda Octavia : “Superb”. For a start, this sure is one big mother of a car. Going back to 1996, the original Octavia was a medium-size family liftback or estate that stood somewhere between a Golf and a Passat in its dimensions. This Octavia looks as big as a Mondeo (RIP). The loadspace in …

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Reviewed | The 2021 Maserati Ghibli 2.0 Hybrid GranSport

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Maserati by Tim Barnes-Clay

An Italian masterpiece, the Maserati Ghibli has just had its most significant makeover in years.  There have been a few nips and tucks, but all the significant changes are under the skin. Let’s face it; it’s hard to improve on a car that’s such a stunner in the first place. Inside, the Ghibli’s cabin makes German premium brands’ interiors look …

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The Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid Review

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Suzuki by Kieran Bicknell

I made no secret of the fact that the Suzuki Swift was my favourite small hatchback of 2020 You see, the Swift Sport is not about speed. Sure, it has a decent amount of “pep” to it and loves a good B-Road blast, but straight-line speed was never its true calling, and the handling was the best part, being wonderfully …

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Reviewed | Škoda Superb iV SE Technology Hatch

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Skoda by Kieran Bicknell

In this crazy world we live in, many test cars aren’t getting the thorough workout they deserve. Would this be the case for the Škoda Superb iV? So, when the day arrived, I was keen to get some quality ‘seat time’ in the iV. Being the Superb plug-in version, it has a very usable EV range combined with the conventional …