The Need for Speed, All New Ford Mustang

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  • Need for Speed meets the All-new Ford Mustang this spring
  • The Ford Mustang has had one of the most prolific film and television careers of any car, Check out
  • Five decades of Mustang inspiring fans around the world


Aaron Paul, Need for Speed star will drive the latest custom 2014 Mustang hero car in the latest highly anticipated movie based on the highly sucessful video game. He take the wheel of the next-generation Mustang in its first on-screen appearance as well.

All new Ford Mustang features in Need for Speed 5

“On-screen or on the road, the sight and sound of Mustang has been inspiring fans for nearly five decades, The feeling of optimism and being in control that Mustang’s world-class power and performance provide is a perfect match for Aaron Paul’s character in Need for Speed.”Jim Farley, Ford executive vice president

All new Ford Mustang in Need for Speed 5

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Fans of the video game can already access virtual drives of the All New Mustang. They are available as a free in-game download in EA’s Need for Speed.

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