New Nissan LEAF Chapter 2

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The New Nissan LEAF it’s worth a look

Now with a longer range making it more practical for many, better to drive, more equipment than before and a viable car for many.

Since the launch of the first Nissan LEAF 50k cars have been delivered worldwide, not too many in this country but the reality is, the Leaf  has now become viable. The Nissan LEAF is also soon to be built in the UK in Sunderland.
There are over 100 changes to the new model. The range has been increased to 124miles, luggage space has been increased by re-positioning the charger. A new heat pump reduces electrical consumption in cold weather, making it a more comfortable car to drive in real world conditions.

The charging time has been reduce significantly from 8 hours to 4 hours on a 32 amp supply. The chassis has been tuned in Europe giving the car better handling characteristics for a better driving experience.

 “LEAF owners are passionate about their cars and their comments and experiences have genuinely influenced many of the changes we have made to New LEAF,” said Paul Willcox, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing, Nissan Europe.

There are now three trim levels – Visa, Acentra, and Tekna. The New Nissan LEAF, which goes on sale in Europe in the middle of 2013, marks an important milestone in Nissan’s global zero-emission leadership.

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