Oh we still like to be beside the seaside, thanks Gridserve

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EV drivers, your next weekend getaway should be to the south coast

Gridserve has got good news for you: a brand-new Electric Super Hub has been installed halfway between London and Brighton. Thankfully, at last, many years coming, there is now a decent charging solution nearer to my Mums.

Six High Power chargers with a combined capacity of 350 kilowatts (kW) are now available at the Pease Pottage Moto services on the M23, allowing for a range increase of 100 miles in under 10 minutes, on some vehicles. 

And because they anticipate its future popularity as more of us switch to electric cars and the demand for charging rises, Gridserve has prepared the site to double the number of chargers this summer, just in time for those trips to the beach. 

Those who plan to take their EVs on summer vacation to popular destinations like Bognor Regis, Worthing, and Newhaven will be significantly aided by convenient charging stations along this route. Brighton also attracts many weekend visitors. 

Travellers to the south will be pleased to hear some additional good news. A few miles away from the Pease Pottage Electric Super Hub, they are constructing the London Gatwick Electric Forecourt®.

After the debut of Solstice Park by Stonehenge earlier this year, Pease Pottage is the 13th Electric Super Hub and their second already this year. It’s a brisk beginning to 2023 and bodes well for Gridserve’s goal of surpassing its 2022 record of more than 100 High Power charger installations. 

How do the Pease Pottage Electric Super Hub Six High Power Chargers work and what do you need to know about them?

Pease Pottage’s six 350kW-capable High Power charging units can extend a vehicle’s range by 100 miles in less than ten minutes. There is plenty of room for them to expand into the future, as the site can accommodate up to six more chargers, all using zero energy to operate.

EV drivers at Pease Pottage can charge their electric vehicles using state-of-the-art chargers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the energy used to run them comes from renewable sources that produce zero net carbon emissions.

Pease Pottage, like all GRIDSERVE charging locations, accepts contactless payments.

Connector types include CCS and CHAdeMO can be found on the Electric Super Hub (remember these cannot dual charge). There is one AC GRIDSERVE charger that can produce up to 22 kilowatts and two Medium Power GRIDSERVE chargers that can deliver up to 60 kilowatts with a total of four connectors (three CCS and one CHAdeMO).

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