Suzuki S-Cross Full-Hybrid, real value for money

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Suzuki takes pride, saying that every model in their range is hybrid

Car Reviewed: Suzuki S-Cross 1.5 Full Hybrid AGS AllGrip Ultra

With winter approaching, many are also four-wheel drive, the S-Cross Full Hybrid is now available In the trim levels ‘Ultra’ as a AllGrip 4×4 and ‘Motion’ as 2wd; however, 48V mild hybrid versions also remain in the line-up.

Suzuki also tells us that, comparing the new S-Cross to all other cars in the same SUV segment, its vehicles have the fullest list of equipment and features provided as standard. Their customers who’ve looked around the market get a pleasant surprise when they ask about ‘extras’ that turn out to be standard on Suzukis. Not only this, but the price is considerably lower, many thousands of pounds lower, when you start comparing and measuring.

The new S-Cross, available now, comes with Suzuki’s 140V, 24 kWh motor alongside its 1.5-litre, 115 PS 4-cylinder petrol engine; this system was introduced earlier in 2022 in the Vitara. Likewise, therefore, you get a power-train that automatically deploys electric power, whether appropriate for efficiency or accelerative power, without the driver needing to worry about anything and, in fact, probably without the driver even being aware of this going on.

The S-Cross will not be available as a plug-in Hybrid in 2023. It will remain as a self-charging full hybrid model, so there is virtually no electric-only propulsion: only when you want to move very slowly from a standstill this could be possible and only if the battery power is sufficient. It was not during our test run.

No matter: the system does claim improved mpg and cleaner emissions. On the test route, the trip display indicated an overall 42.2 mpg over a mix of country roads and heavy town traffic. The WLTP combined figure is 48.7 (54.3 in the Motion version).

Suzuki’s AGS (auto gear shift), an automated 6-speed manual system, is fitted. Automated manual systems (have a clutch that you don’t have to worry about) can have smoothness issues. With its instant torque, Suzuki informs us that the electric motor fills the time gap between the clutched gear changes. It all felt good in practice.

It’s not a fast car and, very much like the Vitara, 0-62 mph comes in 13.5 seconds, but it revs happily enough if needed. Emissions in the Ultra test car are at 132 g/km; the Motion emits 118 g/km.

The new S-Cross has a seriously-generous standard specification in both safety and convenience. Suzuki continues with its sensibly simple pricing: the two grades are Motion at £26,749 and Ultra is the top version at £31,549. The only optional extra is metallic paint for £550. I can imagine the excitement when a potential new Suzuki customer sits down and is shown just how much extra these cars offer in terms of standard equipment.

By the way, shod with ‘ordinary’ Continental EcoContact tyres, the Ultra ALLGRIP proved extraordinarily capable over some challengingly-muddy off-road tests.

Most Suzukis are outstanding value for money, and the new S-Cross Full Hybrid certainly continues that trend.

Author Rating 3.9/5

Car reviewed: Suzuki S-Cross 1.5 Full Hybrid AGS 4×4

on the road prices start at £26,749 as tested £31,549

  • 0-62mph 13.5secs
  • Top speed 108mph
  • Mechanical 1462cc petrol with hybrid powertrain
  • Fuel Economy WLTP Combined 54.3mpg
  • Power 115PS@6000rpm
  • Torque 138Nm4400rpm
  • Dimensions MM 4300 L / 1785 W / 1585 H
  • CO2 emissions NEDC combined 132g/km
  • Transmission 6 speed AGS Automated manual, All-Grip 4×4
  • Bootspace 293 | 665 litres seats down

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