Tesla Supercharges UK

In Tesla by Jonathan Humphrey

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Tesla has now opened its 20th Supercharger Station in the UK.


The rapid rollout of its network of fast chargers for the premium luxury electric car continues. The rather excellent Tesla Model S (review coming soon) has a range of up to 312 miles per charge. The superchargers enable fast battery charging to up to half  a charge in around 20 minutes. Its all a bit like the toy Hot Wheels Sizzlers. Anyone remember them, great cars, great batteries.


The selected sites in the UK are along well-travelled routes. It appears the chargers are in place for the routes I drive, just a small personal issue with the cost of the car. The routes already spanned are from Exeter to Edinburgh with full UK coverage by the end of 2015.

Today, Supercharger stations are available at Sainsbury’s supermarkets in Winchester, Exeter and Bristol. Tesla also recently opened stations at Junction 15 of the M1 near Northampton and Brent Cross shopping centre in North London.

Tesla has already energised more than 300 Supercharger stations and more than 1,600 Superchargers worldwide. The fast growing company is the largest and fastest-growing fast-charging network in the world. In Europe, there are already 129 Supercharger stations with over 670 Superchargers, from northern Norway to Italy and Slovenia.

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