The most rapid EV charger in the UK

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Braintree Electric Forecourt now offers the brand new ABB 360kW GridServe charger

GRIDSERVE has made the UK’s quickest public car charger, located at Braintree Electric Forecourt®, available to the public for the first time. It has a maximum power of 360kW and can charge an EV with a 100-mile range in less than 5 minutes dependent on model and charge capacity.

This new charger is more evidence of GRIDSERVE’s technical prowess and dedication to providing exceptional service to its clientele.

The site’s location makes it convenient for HGVs, Vans and automobiles hauling caravans to charge. The two CCS connectors with lengthy cables, contactless payment, and ease of access for wheelchair users make it accessible to all EV drivers.

If the ABB Terra 360 charger proves to be a success, it will become a common fixture at GRIDSERVE’s Electric Forecourts® and Electric Super Hubs along the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway.

With this latest upgrade, up to 36 EVs may be charged at once at Braintree Electric Forecourt®, making it one of the world’s most advanced EV charging facilities. In addition to the amenities and retail options, this facility is an EV experience destination where guests can test-drive the newest EVs, learn about living with and charging an EV, and explore deals from GRIDSERVE Car Leasing. According to Q2 2022 statistics from Zap-Map, Braintree Electric Forecourt® is the fifth most popular EV charging site in England, indicating that drivers appreciate the service.

Over a hundred Electric Forecourts® are on GRIDSERVE’s list of planned deliveries. Construction has commenced on the London Gatwick Airport Electric Forecourt®, which will join the currently operational ones in Braintree and Norwich in 2023. Future locations for Electric Forecourts® already approved are Bromborough, Plymouth, and Markham Vale. Other potential sites include Stevenage, Gateshead, and Uckfield.

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