The Volvo Truck Driven by Charlie the Hampster Stunt

Charlie the Hamster appears in Viral Volvo Truck Video

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Volvo Trucks adds Charlie the Hamster Viral Video – to the series


The latest video over 3.4 million YouTube Views in just one week. The video shows the New Volvo FMX being steered by a hampster on a wheel, up through twisting terrain in a Spanish quarry. The steering is so light it can be steered with one finger, or Charlie the hamster….

The truck was fitted with a special treadmill attached to the steering wheel. The accelerator and brakes were operated by an experienced driver, while the hamster did the steering aided by a carrot.


Watch Charlie the Hamster here


Truck Driven by Charlie the Hamster

A year after launching the Ballerina stunt video this new

video #Thehamsterstunt. It appears Charlie the Hamster had undergone many weeks of training before the event.

Another Volvo Video ‘The Hook‘ featured the President of Volvo Trucks Claes Nilsson balancing on a truck dangling 20 metres above the ground.

Claes Nilsson the President of Volvo Trucks added.“More films are on the way this autumn that show our trucks undergoing tests in conditions that are unusual, to say the least,”

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