The All-New Volkswagen Passat Review

Tom Scanlan Car Reviews, Volkswagen

Busy, busy, busy…that’s the motor industry. While there may be a deluge of rain outside your house just now, there’s sure a deluge of brand-new cars piling into the show-rooms.
Volkswagen are high up in this chart and their latest Passat is actually the eighth generation of when VW introduced the name in 1973….Read More

Alpine is back with the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo

Jonathan Humphrey Renault, Short Cuts

1955 – 2015 the Sixtieth Anniversary of the legendary ALPINE brand. A virtual car has been created for the legendary video game Gran Turismo 6. The engineers excited at the opportunity, had the same passion as if it was the creation of a new road car…More


All-New Ford Mondeo Review

Tom Scanlan Car Reviews, Ford

Ford is no exception when a new car is launched – in this case the All-New Ford Mondeo. As with its competitors, a plethora of improved or all-new engines and technical advances are announced in a car that is lighter, stronger, more spacious and more efficient than the outgoing model…more