Happy 50th Birthday Renault 16

Jonathan Humphrey Renault, Short Cuts

One of the first cars to feature a tailgate the unique Renault 16 one of the most ingenious cars of its days. It now celebrates its 50th anniversary..


Volkswagen Passat Estate Review

Neil Lyndon Car Reviews, Volkswagen

The new VW Passat Estate is such a dumbfoundingly complex and advanced car. That when Volkswagen launched it to the press earlier this year, they had to produce a lengthy supplement to the normal press pack just to cover the extraordinary range of gizmos on offer..


The Hugely Efficient Audi A3 Ultra

Jonathan Humphrey Audi, Short Cuts

The highly popular Audi A3 TDi 110PS makes huge strides in efficiency they have now adopted the ‘Ultra’ badge. Making these versions of the A3 model the best for economy and emissions..


Mercedes C 63 AMG Saloon Reviewed

Neil Lyndon Car Reviews, Mercedes-Benz

In the week that Mercedes-AMG launched the new C 63 Saloon and Estate in Scotland, BBC Radio 3’s “Building a Library” included Dennis Brain playing Mozart Horn Concerti with Herbert Von Karajan conducting the Philharmonia Orchestra..


Honda’s Double Facelift

Tom Scanlan Car Reviews, Honda

Don’t worry, it’s not as though one of Honda’s offerings has got a sagging chin or droopy eyelids. No, it’s just that the company’s just revealed the latest versions of not one, but two of its range. So there’s the new Civic and the new CR-V..


ABARTH upgraded

Jonathan Humphrey Abarth, Short Cuts

New levels of performance and tech for the latest Abarth 595 Competizione. The sporting Abarth now comes with a 20hp power hike to 180hp and maximum torque of 250Nm at 2500rpm, with a top speed of 140mph..


On the road in the Ferrari California T

Tim Barnes-Clay Car Reviews, Ferrari

Sliding behind the wheel of your most prized possession never fails to take you to seventh heaven. The scent of your Ferrari almost intoxicates you as you wrap your hands around the leather clad steering wheel. You appreciate that the marque represents the essence of exotic ultra-sportiness; but you recognise it goes deeper than that – it’s about the emotional connections you’ve been making with the brand since you were in short trousers..