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On the road in the BMW X4 20d M Sport

In BMW, Car Reviews by Tom Scanlan

He reckons he is just about at home now with how to use the impressive communications technology available. He reckons the phone system is particularly good. In our test BMW X4 (BMW calls it a Sports Activity Coupe), I admit to not trying this out because I simply don’t like talking on a phone when I am driving. That said, […]

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Review – You’d be better off with a Kia Ceed

In Car Reviews, Kia by Neil Lyndon

At that point, some time ago, I was talking in purely theoretical terms. Having come very close to buying an Aston Martin 30 years ago and having known many Aston owners, I am painfully aware that having “a bit of money” is nothing like enough to keep one of those highest of all high-maintenance cars. You need an oil well […]

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Lexus UX 250h, the urban explorer’s SUV

In Car Reviews, Lexus by Maggie Barry

A brand well-known for luxury finishes have just entered the compact SUV market with the beautifully crafted Lexus UX 250h. At the same time, Lexus boss Ewan Shepherd has confirmed that this new compact crossover will arrive in the UK purely in hybrid form. It is yet another sign, if any were needed, that we are moving into a new […]

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MG ZS Compact SUV Reviewed

In Car Reviews, MG by Neil Lyndon

My initial approach to the MG ZS which came to me on loan last week was shaped entirely by prejudice. For no good reason at all, I detested it on sight. “This not an MG,” I subconsciously seethed, while gazing scornfully at the anonymous-looking SUV on my drive and the large, octagonal MG badge on the tail which also functions […]