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When is Rolls-Royce not Rolls-Royce?

In Rolls Royce, Short Cuts by Jonathan Humphrey

So just to confirm to all Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is totally separate and a wholly owned company of BMW. As you know, they make the best super-luxury automobiles in the World. They are based in Goodwood, and their business is completely unlike Rolls-Royce Plc who make really big stuff, jet engines for aircraft, ships or land applications. Hopefully, that has […]

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The accommodating Jaguar F-Pace Crossover

In Car Reviews, Jaguar by Neil Lyndon

The first crossover SUV ever to bear the Jaguar name might have been intended to live up to the timeless aspirations of the company’s founder, Sir William Lyons, that his cars should embody “grace, space and pace.” During its week’s loan, I found it was exceptionally effective at shifting stuff…READ MORE

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The exceptionally good SEAT Ateca SUV

In Car Reviews, Seat by Tom Scanlan

‘Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep those wagons rolling…’ goes the old cowboy film song, and, blimey! don’t car manufacturers keep doing just that? New cars, new cars, it seems the type that what we crave these days is the SUV, even if we don’t even know or care what SUV is the acronym for. Anyway, yes, it’s the Sports Utility Vehicle that gets us all excited…READ MORE

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Toyota Hilux, just born to run

In Car Reviews, Toyota by Neil Lyndon

The new Toyota Hilux Invincible arrived on loan at the same time as Bruce Springsteen took over my life. This seemed a fitting coincidence. I was reading Springsteen’s book every spare minute of the day – READ MORE

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It’s a complete treat, the Audi A4 allroad quattro

In Audi, Car Reviews by Neil Lyndon

The Audi A4 allroad 3.0 TDI which came to us last week reminded me of those rummage baskets at village fetes where you pay a fixed price for a ticket to root around and then you pull out a single Harrods truffle, which might be a box of Lego or a Cartier necklace. Another ticket, another prize….READ MORE

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Subaru Levorg GT Reviewed

In Car Reviews, Subaru by Tom Scanlan

It took about 3.8 seconds. ‘Oh yes! This car I really like!’ Yes, as quickly as that…The Subaru Levorg GT had somehow escaped my notice, but the Japanese manufacturer of exclusively four-wheel-drive cars (and with fifteen million ‘boxer’ horizontally-opposed-cylinder engines in them in fifty years, they say), recently decided to update their fleet and uprate their media coverage, we got to drive them all – Read More

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A fine brace of Renault Mégane

In Car Reviews, Renault by Neil Lyndon

In a year of global convulsions and upheavals anything may be possible; but never in two lifetimes would I have reckoned on getting two consecutive test cars from Renault that I and my family truly enjoyed and admired. Neil Lyndon gets on a lot better, with the All-New Renault Megane…READ MORE