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Kia Picanto 125 X-Line S, one of the best small cars for 2020

In Car Reviews, Kia by Tom Scanlan

There’s often something that immediately strikes you about a new car. Take the Kia Picanto X-Line S…it was the colour. Was it yellow? Was it green? The answer lay inside the car. The yellow. (I concluded) accented on the dash and door armrests. The whole effect gave the car a sort of funky appeal. Perhaps more to young people than …

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The Nissan Leaf – Immense fun to drive

In Car Reviews, Nissan by Neil Lyndon

Here’s a surprise: the New Nissan Leaf is pretty good to drive in a higher performance style. That’s not something you’d expect to hear every day down at the pub, where they are likely to jeer about milk floats and dodgem cars. Part of the reason is, of course, electric power. With 62Kw instantly on tap from its electric motor, …

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Yeah! – The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

In Alfa Romeo, Car Reviews by Tom Scanlan

‘Blown away!’ ‘Wiped out!’ ‘Confused?’ That’s the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio for me after just one week… Alfa’s Porsche – eater has at its heart a 2.9-litre, 510 bhp V6 engine that can shoot you to 62 mph in a mere 3.9 seconds. Madness, really—who needs it? Ah, well there’s still room in this world for petrol-heads. And you need to …

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The Alfas are coming, New Alfa Romeo, Stelvio and Giulia for 2020

In Alfa Romeo, Car Reviews by Peter Nunn

Southern Italy was the location for a recent big coming-out party for revised versions of the appealing Alfa Romeo Giulia sports saloon and Stelvio SUV The cars have just been announced for the UK and will go on sale in January next year. What’s new? Well plenty in terms of the interior, infotainment also the upgrading of Advanced Driver Assistance …

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Hyundai Santa Fe Reviewed

In Car Reviews, Hyundai by Neil Lyndon

As I walked away from the Hyundai Santa Fe for the last time, at the end of its week’s press loan, I turned to give it one last look. “You great lump,” I said, affectionately “To look at you, nobody would ever guess how great you are.” Standing as tall as an armoured car on vast Continental 235/55 R19 tyres, …

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Jaguar XF Sportbrake, maybe a timeless classic

In Car Reviews, Jaguar by Neil Lyndon

How fickle are the fancies of the car lover! How cruelly our over-heated infatuations wane and our epicurean tastes grow sated and jaded. When the Jaguar XF Sportbrake first came down my drive for a week’s test loan in 2012, I thought it one of the loveliest cars I had ever set eyes upon. Following in the coupe-style of the …