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The Ford Focus RS Mountune Review

In Car Reviews, Ford by Neil Lyndon

“All cars are the same.” Of all the guff you may have to grit your teeth and smile through at a party, clutching your glass and scanning the room for more canapes, is any more gormless than that? Why are people that stupid even given a licence to speak? Neil Lyndon overdoses on the Ford Focus RS and ST-Line Estate …READ MORE

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McLaren 720S Performance, wow with a capital W

In Car Reviews, McLaren by Tom Scanlan

The 720S represents the first time that McLaren has replaced a model family. By that, their Super Series, the core of their car business, they mean that the McLaren 650S is defunct (read our review) and we hail the new king, the McLaren 720S Performance. (McLaren’s other ‘families’ are the entry-level Sport Series and the self-explanatory Ultimate Series.) The 720S […]

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The SEAT Mii FR-Line 75PS Reviewed

In Car Reviews, Seat by Jonathan Humphrey

It’s hatchback, city-car, fun, pure and simple. SEAT along with its made in Barcelona image is one of the most youthful of car brands. TheMii is the entry-level car in the Seat range and the trendy cousin of the more expensive Volkswagen Up and Skoda Citigo. Jonathan Humphrey nips about in the SEAT Mii FR Line 1.0 75 PS 5-speed manual…READ MORE

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Winter… It’s time to think about more reliable tyres

In Short Cuts, Sponsored Post by Sponsored Content

Although the snowy and icy weather is rare in the UK, it still comes inevitably and unexpectedly. Getting your car prepared for winter starts with fitting the right tyres, and winter tyres from are, of course, the best possible option. Although not legally required, unlike in many mainland countries, winter rubber can still save you a lot of troubles in the UK., the Britain’s leading online shop of tyres and car accessories, tells about the main advantages of winter tyres and peculiarities of their use…READ MORE