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Siemens back Welsh hydrogen car

In Hydrogen, Short Cuts by Robin Roberts

One of the world’s leading technology companies has stepped in to boost plans to build hydrogen vehicles in Wales for global sale. Siemens UK has signed a memorandum of understanding with Riversimple, of Llandrindod Wells, to make their Rasa car and a local delivery van. The car is already being prepared for trials with 12 drivers living in Abergavenny and …

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Suzuki Vitara Hybrid – Everyday sunshine

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Suzuki by Kieran Bicknell

Colour theory – the study of colour and its impact on a person’s emotions.. When asked about this, there is a range of standard responses “it’s good for resale value” or “it’s the cheapest” or a plethora of reasoning that these are the cheapest cars to get on bulk lease for company cars. But, I have a theory. If more …

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Reviewed – Honda Civic 1.0T EX Sport Line

In Car Reviews, Honda by Kieran Bicknell

While the current-generation Civic might be getting old, it still represents fantastic value for money in terms of practicality, driving enjoyment and style, and no model embodies this more than the Civic ‘Sport Line’. It’s certainly fair to say the styling on the Sport Line is a significant step up from the standard Civic, but sadly the gloss black wheels …

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BMW 420d M Sport Coupé, a great deal of car

In BMW, Car Reviews by Tom Scanlan

Diesels…naah! Ever since our dear government politicised them several years back, I admit to an antipathy towards them. But then along comes a car like BMW’s 4-cylinder 1997cc oil burner (and, of course, diesel engines in all the other manufacturers’ cars) and I am backed into my corner with my hands in the air saying, ‘OK, alright, I’m wrong!’ So, …

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Fiat 500X Sport – It’ll get under your skin

In Car Reviews, Fiat by Kieran Bicknell

You know that feeling when you really like a car, but you can’t quite put your finger on why? Well, that’s the case with the Fiat 500X Sport. Yet in reality, none of this matters – the 500x Sport is the same; it’s selling points are its unique personality, the ‘beefed up’ styling, and – in this case – the …

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Roadtest: Nissan X-Trail Tekna

In Car Reviews, Nissan by Robin Roberts

The Nissan X-Trail Crossover has been a long-lived and much-loved member of the Japanese family, sitting above the smaller Qashqai SUV with which it shares many components and technology. Nissan has a lot of faith in its X-Trail series and as if to underline that belief it sent us a May 2019 registered model with 14,500 miles recorded, way more …

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Audi A3 Saloon 35TFSI 150PS S line Reviewed

In Audi, Car Reviews by Tom Scanlan

You can almost take for granted that your Audi will be a handsome, well-built, well-equipped, technologically up-to-date, almost faultless vehicle. Yes, ’enjoyable’ when I consider back on 360 miles in all sorts of traffic and road conditions. However, there were occasions when, in the words of the wonderful P.G.Wodehouse’s character, Bertie Wooster, I found myself ‘if not disgruntled…far from being …

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Honda Jazz Crosstar practical and wallet friendly

In Car Reviews, Honda by Kieran Bicknell

800 miles in the Honda Jazz Crosstar Now, let’s get one thing out the way first – this is by no means a Gran Tourer or ‘GT’ car. Nor is it particularly well-suited to long-distance travel (compared to other vehicles from Honda’s fleet, such as the Civic or CR-V) however, it coped remarkably well all things considered, and I had …

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Ford Fiesta MHev, a composed and zippy ecoboost Hybrid

In Car Reviews, Ford, Hybrid by Neil Lyndon

“This car is far too good to be lumbered with the name Fiesta.” Standing outside my house, looking like a picture of restrained elegance and quiet purpose, it would make me think, “That’s a seriously mature car. Surely it deserves more dignified associations than the clack of castanets and the stomp of Cuban heels?” Buzzing along country back-roads around my …

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The UK new car market has fallen by almost a third

In Short Cuts by Robin Roberts

The UK new car market is down by -29.4% in 2020, with annual registrations dropping to 1,631,064 units, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. A -10.9% decline in December wrapped up a turbulent 12 months, which saw demand fall by 680,076 units to the lowest level of registrations since 1992. Against a backdrop of Covid restrictions, an …