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An Arctic Trucks Experience in Iceland

In Arctic Trucks, Lifestyle by Carlton Boyce

As the modified four-wheel-drive crawled inch by precious inch through the metre-deep snow up the steep slope, I suddenly realised that we were stuck. A wedge of compacted snow had built up under the front wheels, and now all four studded tyres were churning uselessly, literally digging us even deeper into the hole we were in. I tried rocking us back and forth, smoothly shifting between reverse and drive to try and free the car. But we were going nowhere, and it looked like the mountains of Sveitarfélagið Ölfus had claimed their first victim of the day….MORE

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The 2017 Sportage SUV by Kia

In Car Reviews, Kia by Neil Lyndon

Kias are getting seriously cool. Anybody who still – for reason of prejudice – instinctively doubts or automatically disbelieves that proposition should check out the new Sportage. Neil Lyndon spends the week in style with the Kia Sportage 1.7 CRDI ‘2’ Eco…READ MORE

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Given a boost the All-New Suzuki Swift

In Car Reviews, Suzuki by Tom Scanlan

Depending on the model you go for, Suzuki claims the new car is up to ten per cent lighter, nineteen per cent more powerful and eight per cent more efficient than the outgoing version. Suzuki designers have sought to retain the DNA of the previous Swifts in producing the new body. This New Suzuki Swift is ten millimetres shorter, but […]

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Gob-smackingly exhilarating the BMW 740 Ld M Sport Reviewed

In BMW, Car Reviews by Neil Lyndon

It was lucky that the BMW 740 Ld M Sport comes with the xDrive all-wheel drive system. On the day it was delivered to our house in Scotland, the heaviest snows for seven winters were falling. Without four-wheel drive, a car 5.238m long, weighing 1900kg and standing on 20” wheels and ultra low-profile tyres that are a foot wide wasn’t going to turn any one of the five spokes on its breathtakingly expensive wheels….READ MORE

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Something special, the Subaru BRZ Reviewed

In Car Reviews, Subaru by Tom Scanlan

“The speed limit is 50 miles per hour!” Said Matron, as I nicknamed her…
I was settling into my drive through the Cotswolds when her voice told me to watch it and not exceed the local limit. I was doing 52 mph at the time; but I didn’t mind her very prompt warning because I had immediately felt at home and comfortable in Subaru’s latest and update version of their two-seater coupe. And, anyway, once you study the owner’s handbook, you can switch matron off….READ MORE

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The terrific Volvo S90 R-Design Saloon

In Car Reviews, Volvo by Neil Lyndon

I am driving the newest Volvo S90 saloon on a motorway. My hands are on my thighs, drumming to the rhythm of the music on the knock-out Bowers and Wilkins audio system. My eyes are idly drifting around the views of the countryside, occasionally flicking back to the road to check the traffic ahead and see whether I am still in the right lane. My mind is on the prospect of my lunch….READ MORE