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BMW 2 Series Convertible Review

In BMW, Car Reviews by Tom Scanlan

2,4,6,8 – BMW Convertibles and Coupés. BMW took to using even numbers for drop-top versions of their various odd-numbered saloons. Here, then, is the car that has taken over from the 1-series Convertible…

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UK Car of the Year BMW i8

In BMW, Short Cuts by Jonathan Humphrey

The BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car, has been crowned UK Car of the Year for 2015. Fighting stiff competition to the title of Performance Car of the Year, the four-seat i8 also won the overall vote.

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Are you an Ultimate Driver?

In BMW, Sponsored Post by Jonathan Humphrey

We all think we are the best driver, BMW provided an opportunity to prove it. Sponsored Post The search for the Ultimate driver began with an online interactive game.The BMW Ultimate Driver, entrants drove virtual interactive laps, with over 7000 wannabes entering the competition through social media and electronic devices. The top 40 drivers were selected to take it further …

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A Beautiful Baby the BMW i3

In BMW, Green Motoring, Style by Jonathan Humphrey

The BMW i3 is Born, will this premium Zero Emissions model create a new era in acceptability We think so, The BMW i3 is the first premium car designed from the ground up to be powered by an electric drive system and the first electric passenger act for BMW. All of the expected from BMW in an electric car and …