The Genesis GV60 Premium Electric Car, just fabulous

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The future is here now and the futuristic car we are driving is the Genesis GV60 premium electric car

Imagine a new world where you drive your luxury EV to a luxury hotel; it is then transported via lift to your room on the 7th-floor balcony plugged in, safely stowed for the night, fully charged and ready to hit the road. The B’mine hotel in Frankfurt was the location cleverly chosen for the European launch of the Genesis GV60. 

This GV60 is the newest and first of three fully electric cars coming from the Hyundai-owned premium Genesis brand this year. Boldly they have also claimed all cars launched after 2025 will be electric or fuel cell, making them a zero-emission brand.

It is built on the dedicated electric car E-GMP Platform, which is shared by the already successful electric Hyundai Ioniq and Kia EV6.

I will admit I have been excited about the release of all cars in the Genesis range since I first spied some on a trip to South Korea in the back in the world as it used to be.

The GV60 range has three models available: Premium, Sport and Sport Plus. Premium offers a rear-wheel-drive, single-motor set-up, with the sport models using the all-wheel drive and dual motors providing higher performance. The Sport plus has the added bonus of a boost button, which delivers 20kW of instant additional power; one press brings 10 seconds of instantaneous acceleration, ideal for overtaking or scaring the passengers.

The GV60 instantly strikes you as full of charm, individual and stunning from many angles. The alloy wheels are a fabulous design and check out the choice of paint finishes, from an eggshell Matterhorn white matt to a cool metallic Hanauma Mint to a rather flamboyant yellow Sao Paulo Lime.

The three models are

  • GV60 Premium: 77.4kWh, 168kW, RWD | Range 321 miles
  • GV60 Sport: 77.4kWh, 160kW+74kW, AWD | Range 292 miles
  • GV60 Sport Plus: 77.4kWh, 160kW+160kW (plus boost/drift mode), AWD | Range 289 miles

Charging on the EV60 is ultra-fast, with a 10-180% charge possible in 18 minutes using a 350kW charger. Superfast chargers are slowly becoming more widespread in the UK; you would probably be charging from home mainly as an owner, with charging taking 7hrs 20min on an 11kW charger.

To assist in colder weather, EV60 also comes with a heat pump and battery conditioning system raising the battery temperature as required to ensure and maintain range and fast charging performance.

Refinement is the name of the game with the car; the interior of the GV60 is a real ‘tour de force’, impressive throughout. Totally innovative, using an authentic cockpit style. The chosen materials, some from plant-based and recycled sources, are fabulous, from the pale interior palettes to the blue leather in the pictures shown or the brighter interior colours available.

Inside the car, one of the first things you notice is the ‘crystal sphere’, a very cool looking ambient lit gear selector which rotates when the vehicle is switched on and then you know it is ready to drive.

The dashboard of the GV60 is a real statement; it’s called a CCIV connected car integrated cockpit, striking but a little bewildering at first; once accustomed, it becomes very intuitive to operate crisp and clear.

In addition to this are the love them or hate them, optional digital mirrors. They give a wider angle of view than regular mirrors; it initially takes a bit of time in the car and familiarisation with the mirrors to realise their benefit.

While driving, you get a real feeling of being in something special. The premium model’s performance is more than adequate with a 0.62mph of 7.6 seconds, but the sportier models up the ante to 5.5 seconds or a ballistic 4 seconds if speed is your need. As cornering speed increases on a spirited drive in the Sport Plus, the seats grip you; however, I felt that an even sportier seat would be an excellent option.

It’s good to get familiar with I-Pedal while driving and it means using only the accelerator pedal to increase and decrease speed, reaping the rewards using brake regeneration and in a nutshell, optimising the range and saving power. It is an excellent habit to get into and is used on quite a few electric cars.

Progress can be pretty quick; handling is refined and being electric, instant power is available at every moment. There is a drive mode button for Eco, Comfort and Sport.

Notably, the car is almost silent, doing its thing and the optional 17-speaker Bang and Olufsen sound system is a must-have. Not many car sound systems are this excellent and working with active noise cancellation, it keeps the quiet cabin quieter, with settings pre-set so you can’t make it sound ‘not nice’. Electric cars really can be the best place to listen to music and for just £990.

The GV60 is available loaded with as many options as you can carry from easy access seating, a smart boot, lane keep assist with haptic feedback, drive assist smart cruise control, high beam assist and the list goes on.

Another interesting option is the V2L or vehicle to load, which enables you to use the car’s power for other things, such as power for phones etc., while camping or with power cuts.

You can only buy Genesis cars online or at the Genesis studio in London. The pricing structure is transparent, working from a fixed price menu. Expect a concierge-style service with a personal assistant throughout ownership. All vehicles come with an extensive five-year warranty, five-year servicing, and five-year OTA updates. Free car deliveries and collection/

All things considered, GV60 is a more than exciting addition to the world of electric cars. Healthy, wealthy and wise, Genesis has the EV for you. Depending on budget, the premium model is excellent, but the Sport Plus takes it to another level.

Author Rating 4.8/5

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